Dive into Marcel’s diverse line of Pantry Fresh™ dairy and dairy alternatives. 

At Marcel’s Modern Pantry, we believe that the finest meals begin with the finest ingredients. Our Pantry Fresh™ collection is a testament to this belief, offering a diverse range of shelf-stable products that cater to the needs of modern culinary professionals and home cooks alike.

Our Family of Products

Traditional Dairy

Discover the pure and wholesome taste of our Traditional Dairy line, featuring fresh, high-protein milk and cream, all free from artificial growth hormones and preservatives.


Savor the richness of our reduced fat 1.5% acidified buttermilk perfect for enhancing your baking and cooking with its creamy texture and deep flavor, all without any preservatives.

Plant-Based (Non-Dairy)

Explore our Plant-Based Non-Dairy selection for a sustainable, nutritious alternative to traditional dairy, including oat and almond milks that are perfect for any lifestyle.

Lactose-Free Dairy

Enjoy the creamy delight of Lactose-Free Dairy products, offering all the goodness of real dairy without the lactose, ensuring easy digestion and satisfaction.


Elevate your culinary creations with our Cream category, featuring rich, preservative-free half & half and whipping cream, ideal for both cooking and baking.

Sports Recovery

Refuel and recover with our Sports Recovery beverages, designed to support your active lifestyle with high-protein, lactose-free options that taste great and perform even better.

Lactose-Free Dairy Coffee Creamers

Transform your coffee experience with our Lactose-Free Dairy Coffee Creamers, available in delightful flavors like French Vanilla and Hazelnut, for a creamy, indulgent start to your day without the lactose.

Nutritional Shakes

Our Nutritional Shakes are packed with protein and essential nutrients, designed to complement your diet and support your health goals, all with delicious flavors for on-the-go convenience.

100% Real Dairy Specialties

Indulge in the rich, festive flavors of our 100% Real Dairy Specialties, including our traditional eggnog, crafted without preservatives or artificial hormones for a true taste of the holidays.

Our Promise

In the spirit of Marcel Damiens, our second-generation leader known for his integrity and honor, we promise to deliver products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We honor his legacy by upholding the values of quality, tradition, and innovation.

The Marcel's Difference

Every product in our pantry is a nod to the past and a step towards the future. We’re committed to providing you with ingredients that inspire creativity, add sophistication to your dishes, and offer the convenience you need in today’s fast-paced world.

Join Our Culinary Journey

Explore our products and discover why Marcel’s Modern Pantry is the choice of culinary experts and home cooks. We’re more than just food; we’re a part of your kitchen, your art, and your passion. Experience the taste of Marcel’s Modern Pantry—where every product is a masterpiece.